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The term “gadget” indicates a device that helps make life easier and more comfortable. Life changes quickly, and in this fast-paced world, everyone needs gadgets and gizmos to help them keep up. But the gadgets used in cars aren’t just novelties—they also increase safety. Some car technology helps prevent accidents; some gadgets are used to help drivers navigate. The use of such car technology is turning the simple car into a super car.

Various Car Gadgets

A number of different car gadgets are mentioned below.

  1. Automatic window shutters are a gizmo that rolls down car windows. But the device can also detect the brightness of the outside environment, and accordingly switches the headlights on or off. This switch is automatic. When traveling in the dark, the headlights are turned on; they automatically switch off in daylight. This gadget also switches the windshield wipers on and off.
  2. Portable music players are also widely in use in cars. MP3 players are very popular with music lovers, and automakers are catching on, though the devices are expensive. Automakers have also developed a gadget that makes iPods compatible with vehicles, allowing them to play through the car’s music system. Some cars even have space for iPods in the glove compartment.
  3. Global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite service that includes direction and connection navigation plans. The device may not have any visual display, but the driver gets directions for every turn. The GPS runs on rechargeable batteries. It is accuracy, speedy and easy to use.
  4. Bluetooth technology and headsets allow drivers to talk on mobile phones while still concentrating on driving. Bluetooth technology is compatible with every electronic device and can be installed aftermarket.

5.   Cameras are installed in many cars so drivers can see the rear view while driving. The camera captures motion and an LCD screen displays the view. Such cameras eliminate blind spots in the driver’s view and improve visibility in traffic.

The Benefits

Many such gadgets and accessories are available. The car gadgets are generally wireless and can run on batteries. They are portable. Gadgets enable drivers to drive at high speeds more safely. The gadgets are reliable, if used properly and systematically.


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