Garmin Edge 500 Review

The Garmin Edge 500 is a GPS unit designed for use on bicycles. It has a lightweight and sleek design, a GPS receiver with high sensitivity, a display that is easy to read and the possibility to display the calories consumed and the heart rate.

By using an Edge 500, you can sharpen your performances. This is a cycling computer that is lightweight and GPS based, that any serious cyclist should use. This device will track your speed, distance, elevation and location, by using its high sensitivity GPS. Plus, it also has a cadence/speed sensor, a heart rate monitor and a power meter, which allows it to analyze the entire ride.

garmin edge 500You can attach this GPS unit on the bike with ease, either on the handlebars or on the stem of the bike. After you mount the unit, you power up the Garmin Edge 500, you wait for it to acquire the GPS satellites and you’re ready to go. The Garmin Edge 500 comes with a GPS receiver that is highly sensitive, so your position will be easily calculated.

The Edge 500 will measure the distance, speed, calories burned, time, climb and descent, altitude and all this is recorded, so you can review it later. If you want better data on the descent and climb periods, you need to use a barometric altimeter, which will pinpoint the elevation changes.

Garmin Edge 500 units use power meters that are ANT+ enabled, so as you ride, the power output will be displayed, in watts. This will tell you exactly how hard you work, no matter what conditions might affect the ride. Knowing every parameter of your training will allow you to train in a smarter way. In some cases, these units also come with a cadence/speed sensor and a heart rate monitor.

A few other features that are useful for training are auto pause, temperature readings and the auto lap. There is also the Courses feature, which lets you do comparisons between different rides taken on the same route.

The Edge 500 can be combined with a heart rate monitor from Garmin, allowing you to know exactly how much effort you’re spending and the number of calories burned. If you manage to train while keeping yourself in a certain heart rate zone, your level of fitness will improve.

Analyze Your Ride

After you finish the ride, you just connect the Garmin Edge 500 to a computer via the USB, so you can analyze your performances. You can also use Garmin Connect to join a network of outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists, to share your data and analyze it.

The Edge 500 is a cycle/GPS computer produced by Garmin that was highly anticipated. It’s quite small and it’s easy to install, but despite its size it has no problem acquiring the satellites. As you ride, you will keep getting a good signal, without any drops, which is great compared with other similar GPS units which were used. As you ride, you can monitor three different screens, each of them with eight data fields, so that makes twenty four fields in total, which you can monitor while riding your bike.

Garmin Connect can be used to store the rides and the routes, plus the routes can be uploaded and seen on Google Earth. With their help, you can analyze your progress and see how you advance towards your goals.


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