Garmin GPS Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

This custom cradle and handlebar mount for your motorcycle will work great if you’re looking to use a Garmin nuvi 500 or 550 on your bike. The handlebar mount used will fit bars that have a diameter of up to 1 inch. The mount even comes with some strips, so you can use the mount even if the handlebars are much smaller. You will notice the work that’s been done in making sure that the holder works just as promised. It allows for full access to the controls and the ports, which are placed at the top or the bottom of the GPS navigation device.

The mount also comes with options of choosing to adjust it at an angle, or by tilting it to allow for other controls from an intercom system. That means you can move it both down and up, or right and left, as you need it, for the optimum viewing experience. From experience, you can rest assured that it takes less than a minute to install your GPS on this handlebar mount, securing it completely. After a ride that took over 500 miles, the GPS stood firmly in place, without any loosening up.

Advantages of using a GPS on motorcycles

motorcycle handlebar mount gps 500Just like it happened with the auto GPS in the last decade, using navigation devices on motorcycles is starting to catch on. Obviously, nobody wants to get lost while on the road, having to stop for directions. Also, unfolding a map isn’t practical at all while you’re on a bike, so you need to stop in order to see where you need to go. Imagine stopping and unfolding the map during rain or at night, while you just need to get to a hospital or at a gas station as quickly as possible.

Using a GPS on a motorcycle, with the help of a handlebar mount, makes even more sense than using it in a car, when you think of the advantages.

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a GPS that is going to be used on a motorcycle. The GPS needs to be readable even when it’s sunny outside, so the screen must be antiglare. It also needs to resist any fuel that comes in contact with it, it must be waterproof, since it will sit in the rain and it needs to resist the UV, since it’s under the sun constantly.

Another thing that a motorcycle GPS needs is the ability to hear the directions via Bluetooth, since it would be impossible to hear it otherwise. A nice bonus is when you can connect the phone to the unit, so you can use the same Bluetooth device both for your incoming calls and for the GPS instructions.

The motorcycle mount is also of huge importance when it comes to this type of GPS. In the past, finding a good mount for each type of motorcycle GPS was hard and in most cases people had to build their own mounts. Lately though, you can find a handlebar mount for almost any type of GPS built. The Garmin nuvi 500 and 550 are no exception.

When you pick a GPS handlebar mount, you should make sure that it resists to vibrations, something that car owners don’t have to worry about, but for motorcycles it’s an issue.


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