Garmin nuvi 500 Review

The Garmin nuvi 500 can be used on boats, bikes, during hikes or when you drive. It’s a portable GPS device, which is waterproof and rugged. It comes with detailed topographic and street maps, so as soon as you start it, you can use it, wherever you are. It comes with boating, bicycling, walking and driving modes and it will give you turn by turn directions, to wherever you want to go. At the same time, this unit is as durable as a handheld, while keeping the big color display and the advanced features that come with a regular automotive unit. This model is slim and sleek, so you can place it in a backpack or even in your pocket.

Its battery is Lithium-Ion and it can be recharged easily. The nuvi 500 allows you to look for services and for addresses from its screen. You simply select where you want to go, and the nuvi 500 gives you the directions with a pleasant voice. At each turn you will know which way to go, thanks to the directions it gives you.

Garmin nuvi 500The Garmin nuvi 500 has maps for all the states of the US and it can also be loaded with maps of European countries if needed. It has millions of potential points of interests preloaded, so wherever you go you know what’s interesting in the area.

If you get lost at any point, you can use the Where Am I? feature, which will give you the longitude and latitude, plus the closest police stations, fuel stations and hospitals.

The Garmin nuvi 500 can be used wherever you are. You can use it in a rental car, you can take it with you when you walk around a foreign city (so you never get lost), you can use it to hike in a rural area, you can go bicycling with it, or you can learn about geocaching, if you need a new hobby.

The nuvi 500 weighs 7.6 ounces and it’s thin, having less than one inch, so it’s easy to carry around in a pocket or in a purse. It has a color touchscreen display with a 320 x 240 resolution and a size of 3.5 inches, which can be read easily when it’s sunlight outside. Since it also has a good interface, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors, instead of worrying that you don’t know where you are.

The GPS has simple controls, allowing you to search for a destination easily. Just touch the screen and type or select a destination. The nuvi does the rest, giving you voice directions turn by turn. You can see your advance on the 2D/3D map, which is displayed on the screen. You can also add POIs (points of interest) in custom mode, so whatever location you like, it can be marked down, so you can visit it at a later date. Another possibility is marking the safety cameras, so the GPS will alert you when you approach them.

Garmin has a feature called HotFix, which calculates the location of the satellites automatically, so the time of acquisition is greatly reduced. HotFix remembers where the satellites were located when you shut down the GPS and it calculates their movement, so it know exactly where they are when you open it again.


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